"1970 HONDA CB350 with 1998 GSXR750 INVERTED FORKS"

February 2006 PICS

December 2005 PICS

Finally got the frame, swingarm and all the little hangers/bits off to the powder coaters. Got the call to pick them up today.....and its look'n good. I'm going with an all silver and black bike on this one. I coated the frame and all the parts in a powercoat that looks like a polished nickel finish and it came out great. In some of the photos below it looks like silver, but the close up of the frame head shows the nice low luster shine....kind of like the nickel finish you would find on the older british bikes. The plan is to powercoat the front forks and other small bits(rearset/brackets....etc) in a flat or low gloss black....then finish the tank and tail section in the flat or low gloss black also. Not sure how i'm gonna do the wheels yet.....i'd really like to put a set of spoked wheels on, instead of the alloy cast mags. Soon the rebuild begins.......enjoy the pics.

November 2005 PICS

Okay......started building the first in house(Ohio Cafe Racers) alloy CR450 gp race gas tank for the CB350. So far the results are turning out nice!! Here are a few pics of the tank as I started building it from a couple blanks of sheet aluminum. Also note my dedicated shop foreman working to wire brush a couple of his dads bad welds. Hopefully, I will have a few tanks made and up for sale on the website.....enjoy the pics. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Just a couple pics of the CB350RR motor almost finished. This motor was a complete wreck!! This bike had sat on its side for close to 15 years out in a yard. The motor was so bad I contemplated just pitching it, wish I had taken some before photos of it. Both cyclinders were filled with water and the pistons were rusted into the cyclinder walls. I had to beat the piston loose with a 5lb sledge hammer and a chisel....see pics of old piston and cyclinder. Now.....after some time, elbow grease, head work, stainless steel hardware and some great glass bead blasting the cases and motor look new. You definately can make a ratty old motor look new again....

September 2005 PICS

Here are some new pics showing some more fabrication on the CB350RR. First on the list was to relocate the side kickstand from its old stock location, where it bolted onto the old footpegs mounts. The stand bracket has been shaved and is tack welded into its new location, forward to the stock location. This will tuck the stand up next to the frame when its in the up position. The picture on the left is the before and the picture on the right is after.

Also, the stock steering stem stop had to be removed. The stock stem stop would allow the handlebars to the the alloy, a new stop had to be fabricated and welded into place. The picture on the left is before and the right is after.

Next on the list is to fabricate and weld onto the swingarm a pivot stop for the rear brake arm stay. We will have to make sure this item is made, so as to allow for full movement of the stay as the swingarm travels. There can be no binding or this will cause the the rear brake caliper to move and cause braking issues. Here are some before pictures of the bike as its mocked up.

Here are just a few pictures of the CB350RR with the tank from the CR350 on it. Clearance issues are no longer a problem with the new steering stop welded into place.

August 2005 PICS

The motor rebuild and hop-up has started!!
Here are a few pics of the new cam chain and the steel cam chain sprocket roller. Definately replace the cam chain with a Tsubaki 219 cam chain...the difference between the stock D.I.D 219 cam chain are very evident. The Tsubaki is a much stronger chain(Tsubaki is gold in color and old D.I.D is the black one), as can be seen in the pics. The link side plates are thicker....but still remains the overall dimensions as the stock chain....much better design. As for the steel cam chain sprocket roller....this is a Cappellinimoto race part from Italy. If you are looking for a fire safe way to make sure your cam chain area is free of problems....this is the way to go. Replacing the larger bottom rubber roller is a must and rubber is okay for this, as this roller is an alignment roller and doesnt take the abuse that the upper roller has too endore. If you are looking to replace your CB350 rubber cam roller, to a CB350 steel sprocket cam roller.....feel free to contact us at:

We have tore down the old motor and started the rebuild. Having stripped it and split the cases, we have bead blasted all the cases, jug, head, and the cam towers. The jugs were bored out and 20 over pistons installed. Head work was sent out.....ported and flowed.....valves guides...and everything to make it bullet proof. Custom alloy intakes will hold the 32mm Mikuni must for a high performance motor. Currently, we are waiting on a steel cam roller sprocket from Italy....and new Tsubaki 219 cam chain. Once these items arrive.....we can start the complete assembly.
Below are several pics showing the proper way to assemble the lower end(transmission)....enjoy the pics and feel free to email us if you need any assistance with your build.


Latest updates to the "HyBreed" CB350/GSXR. December 2003 Mock-Up:
As of December(2003) the GSXR inverted fork front end is fully funtional. This crossover has been fairly simple, having only to press out the gsxr steering stem in the lower gsxr triple tree and then repressing in the removed steering stem of the cb350. The 2 stems, at the base are of the same size. Its amazing how versital these little bikes are.

Sorting out the rear department is a 1991 FZR600 rear wheel(140/60-18) with rear spocket hub and disc brake components. Once again, all these components fit....with only a small about of adjustment to get the rear wheel and parts into the stock cb swingarm. However, the sprocket hub carrier will need to be milled to recess the sprocket about an inch to have proper alignment with the front countershaft sprocket. In addition, I think I will have to go with a smaller tire(130/70-18) in the back for tire chain clearence issues......just to be safe.

Here is a diagram showing the rear brake caliper, using late 1980s to early 1990s Yamaha rear disc components.

Rearsets are now being placed using tarozzi rearsets with 1998 Honda CBR929RR rearset brackets and heel gaurds.....clamped to the cb frame via universal 3-piece clamps from These clamps make adjustment of rearset heights ideal, not to mention very sturdy and functional.

Starting this spring the engine rebuild will begin. Currently, the pistons and valve components have been removed. The engine had been stuck...upon teardown of the topend, I found both pistons to be completely rusted into the cyclinder walls. So, spring rebuild will consist of new bored top end with bigger pumpers and some valve work. Stay tuned as the teardown on the bottom end is next!!!


~~~~~December 2003~~~~~
PhotoShop Enhanced Showing CR450 Alloy GP Tank

~~~~~July 2003~~~~~