1972 HONDA CB175RR

June 29, 2006

Spent some time down at Circleville Raceway Park scrubbing in some new tires and working out some suspension issues. Finally put down some major cash and purchased a set of race tires for the CB175RR to get it ready for Vintage Motorcycle Days 2006 up at Mid-Ohio(time to race in the 200gp class). After some researching, decided on getting some Dunlop KR825 tires. These tires are made just for vintage road racing to fit the 18" rims, but with modern race compounds. Let me tell you.....they are just as sticky as the race slicks we raced on, when racing Supermoto. These tires are imported from the UK and they are unreal. The bike stuck to the track like glue!!!

Suspension issues have been all cleared up, with the stiffing up the front fork springs(added spacers to the top of the spring) and changing the fork oil....using PJ1 20wt oil. In the back.....we installed some Works Performance shocks. Adding these shocks to the back made a HUGE improvement....no more po-going in the corners at speed.

Overall the bike is 99.9% ready for Mid-Ohio. We are still working out some stuttering issues with the carbs as we roll on the throttle under heavy load at speed. Lowered the clip and raised the needle which helped, but still need another trip out ot the track to dial it in a little more. Just not happy till we can crack the throttle and get a clean crisp response.

Look for us up at Vintage Motorcycle Days 2006 at Mid-Ohio July 28-30th.

AUGUST 14, 2004

We would like to thank Jeff Reagan at Cameron Reagan Photography for all the racing photos from our 2004 season. For some great photography contact Jeff ASAP!!!

Ohio Cafe Racers made it out to run our CB175 in the Formula One class of the Ohio YSR League last sat(8/14). First time we have entered our bikes in a road racing event and overall we did great.....1st PLACE in Formula One. We still need to make some changes.....pegs need to be cut back and gearing needs a little changing....but nothing we wont be able to get taken care of soon. The day of racing was perfect....with temps in the high 70s to low 80s with low humidity and many racers. Thanks to everyone for coming out. If you are ever in the central Ohio area and can attend a race at the Circleville Raceway Park........its a must do. It would be great if we could get some more of the small cc vintage bikes out to the events. Please check the Ohio YSR website for info on bike entries.

Here are some pics of the Ohio Cafe Racers Team in action. Thanks Jeff Reagan for the photos...more of his work can be seen at Jeff Reagan Photography, additional race photos can be seen at LatencyProject. Also, we would like to thank all the people from LOCALRIDERS.COM for coming out and supporting us riders....THANKS!.

JUNE 2004

The CB175RR racer has made its first trip to the track and overall the results werent to bad for a 32 year old bike. We loaded up and went to Circleville Raceway Park for open practice. The motor is running perfect, with a very smooth pull....although the gearing definately needs to be changed for the smaller track. Suspension was HORRIBLE!!! At this point, i'm not really sure if a rebuild of the stock forks will provide the improvements I want....I may swap the stock front for a more modern fork setup. Since I plan on running this bike in the Ohio YSR Formula 1 class, you can make unlimited changes to the suspension. I love the older bikes, but when out on the track.....having a newer suspension is a hands down no brainer. The stock units are very soft, the front when braking hard for a corner loads very bad....which makes the rear very light and causes some serious wheel hop. Stay tuned as the hunt for suspension upgrades is on.......

APRIL 2004

The dust is being removed from the CB175RR racer and will be getting ready to make its first road racing debut. There have been carb issues with this little bike ever since it's first firing as a racer. Running the stock carbs with open exhaust was causing a leaning problem at full throttle, with the bike bogging out. Recently, while visting the Group W Racing website I had the opportunity to start working with the current Formula 160 champion(Rick Richter). Looks like the main jets on the carbs need to jump from a 90 to a 110 main.....as this is working great for him at track altitudes from 200'asl to 2000'asl and not to mention has been clocked at Portland International Raceway at 92mph(VERY IMPRESSIVE!!). The CB175RR racer will get some adjustments to the carbs(11/6/04..still using the stock 90main/38pilot jets and this is working very well....no need to change to the 110main...unless running a large track), new CBR929 rearsets(like the CR350 Replica).....and all the other little bits to make it ready for the track.

Now that things are coming along with the bike, next was the rider. Being involved in other motorcycle racing aspects, the only thing really needed for me to be track worthy were the leathers. After finding a great deal on Ebay, I was able to land a good pair of TEKNIC CHICANE 1pc leathers.....

Old MX racing pic of Webmaster

Stay tooned as I will be posting new photos of the bike and hopefully some action pics from some of the local races.

JULY 2003

"1972 HONDA CB175 TWIN"