1972 HONDA CB350K4

May 2005 Pics


May 2004 Pics

Here are some updated pics of the cafe racers sitting in the new garage. There hasnt been alot of new things to the CR350(1972 Honda CB350) Replica Cafe Racer, but you will notice that I have installed a fairing over the headlight. Using a Harley-Davidson Buell Blast headlight cowl, I fabed brackets and mounted it to hide some of the instrument cluster.......works great!!!! Also, I have added some pad to rear solo seat pan and new tires. With over 200 new road miles since the new alloy CR450 GP replica tank, there are still some carb issues that need to be addressed. Looks like a Honda CB350 jet kit will be needed to fix the problem.

March 2004

Check out the pics....this tank is a true piece of art.

Below is a pic of an original 1967 CR450 alloy tank. Soon, the CR350 Replica Cafe Racer(1972 Honda CB350) alloy tank will be sent out for this paint.

Here are some pics from www.teamhansenhonda.com, showing the detailed beauty of an exact replica CR450, based on the Honda CB450 twin. Although the OCR CR350 Replica Cafe Racer(1972 Honda CB350) replica looks very similar to the CR450 there are many differences. Enjoy the pics and be sure to visit Team Hansen Honda's website.


Well, the last few days have been spent mounting the new tank and fabricating the remaining items....such as the rearsets, shifter linkages, rear brake linkage, and mounting the CR450 replica(cafe racer) seat pan. Mounting the tank was simple, as the stock front tank mounts were used with a rear tank band from a 1972 Yamaha TD2 to secure the back of the tank. The only hard part was in finding a 1/4" NPT petcock for the tank. This a rather small sized petcock and is fairly hard to find.....but found one at DennisKirk.com and all is well. Took the bike for a few test runs around the neighborhood and after some minor adjustments to the carbs.......the throaty rumble of the exhaust was perfect.
This bike is turing into a gem!!!!

The shop has become a "WRECK". Seems like the more focused you become in finishing a project....the more of a mess you can make. These picks tell the story!!!!!

March 2004 Pics

July 22, 2003

Bone stock Honda CB350(Motor Pic), since it was running fine and I really didnt want to get into tearing down the motor for a daily driver street bike....who know's maybe it will get a hop-up kit in the future. All the case's have been sanded and polished.

Sandblasted, repainted with factory honda paints and shaved of all unneeded tabs, with all electrical routed within the frame.

Stock system with the baffles cut from the ends of the mufflers to create a open megaphone system. These CB350s are so versitile that no jetting changes are needed. We are running the stock CV carbs, with the following jet sizes:
Slow(Pilot) Jet= 35
Primarty Jet = 105
Secondary Jet = 68
The extra performance/sound of the bike is well worth it.

Also stock with the alloy lower fork legs polished. The rear shocks may soon be replaced by some aftermarket ones with a little more tuneabitlity to them.

Stock with the front hub drilled, vented and polished(Hub Pic1)(Hub Pic2). In order to vent the Honda CB350 front hub, I suggest using a 1 1/2 inch hole saw making sure to not to drill thru any of the main structural hub ribs inside.....as this will definately cause the hub to break while riding. Mark your center point on the smaller rib between the main ribs with a center punch and drill with the hole saw from the inside of the hub out. Once the drill bit on the hole saw(not the hole saw blade teeth) starts to penetrate the outside of the hub, flip the hub over and now start drilling from the outside of the hub to the inside of the hub. This will keep you from splintering the edges of the freshly cut hole. Once all the holes are drilled, be sure to take something to dress(sand) the edges of each hole. I dressed and polished all edges of each hole to give a uniform(factory) look to the hub. The rear hub was just cleaned and polished with a buffing wheel.

Will be replaced ASAP with AVON'S. If any one knows of another good tire to run on these cb350's with stock rims.....email me PLEASE!! Other than the AVON'S i'm not really sure of a good tube type sport/competition tire to run. I've looked at a few other brand's but keep going back to the AVON'S.

Fuel tank is finally on its way. If you are looking for an alloy replica gp tank(CR450, CR750, etc.) for an old honda contact me, as I have found a gentleman who can make "exact" replica's. Recently while visiting Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days I ran into him at the swap meet. His workmanship in making these hand-formed alloy tanks is outstanding!!! Not to mention his knowledge as a racer and lover of rare honda's.....he definately is a class act. The handle bars are 35mm clip ons with the stock switch controls stripped of the black paint and polished. Footpegs(Rearset Pic) are from a 2001 Honda CBR929RR with modified shift linkage, along with the rear brake hub lever flipped up(Rear Brake Pic) so that the brake rod goes above the rear axle, over the swingarm and the connected to the brake pedal.

Old Pics July 2003

PhotoShop Enhanced Showing CR450 Alloy GP Tank